In  2012,  the Provincial Government announced its intention to enhance security measures in elementary schools across Ontario. This announcement was prompted by a tragedy that occurred in an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut. The Safe Welcome initiative involves the locking of all doors in elementary schools. This initiative is being implemented in nearly all school districts across Ontario.

The Waterloo Region District School Board is committed to the safety and security of students and staff.  Implementation of this initiative has been occurring at our elementary schools since 2013.

 At Franklin P.S., beginning October 14, 2014, all visitors (parents, vendors, central Board staff, etc.) to elementary schools will access the main doors to the school using an intercom system. The system will integrate the needs of before/after school programs, child care locations and those sites with portables.

It is recognized that having all school doors locked will be new for our school community. Our students, parents and staff will need to work together collaboratively as this initiative is implemented at our school.

We know that the first priority of everyone in our school community is the safety of our students. We appreciate everyone’s support and commitment to keeping our kids safe through the Safe Welcome program.