We are going to be monitoring the attendance and lates very closely this year, as we have so many children arriving after our 9:20 bell each day.  We often have long line-ups of children and parents at the office when school has already started and our morning announcements are already underway.

During the first 10 minutes of each day, your child’s teacher is busy greeting the students, checking planners, doing attendance to ensure everyone’s safety and allowing students to unpack and ready themselves for a good day of learning.  Also being at school a little before the bell allows children to socialize with their peers so they are ready to learn when they enter the school.

We know that on certain occasions, things can happen that cause lateness, but we really are asking that everyone try extra hard to have children here on time.  If this is a problem, you need to speak to administration to help with a solution.

We thank all of our families for helping to instill in our children the need for promptness and attendance at school.