Dear Franklin Families,
I hope you are enjoying this first weekend of June. It is hard to believe how quickly this year is going. Here are your reminders and updates.

1. Please remember to call in, if you have a child who is unable to make it to school due to illness or other valid reason. We have a whole month of school left, and learning will continue to the end.

2. For parents of students transitioning to Sunnyside next year for grade 7, Parent Night is on June 15th from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Please save the date.

3. Please remember to apply sunscreen on your children before they go to school and remind them to have a hat. In some cases – if a child is very fair and burns quickly, longer loose clothing will help prevent too much sun exposure.

4. Bathrooms are being provided with menstrual products for students if required. Earlier, pads were removed from boxes and stuck to walls. Please talk to your children about respecting such products in a bathroom as they belong there and should be consistently available to students in our schools.

5. Next week is the last week for library book checkouts as all books must be back the following week. Zero Week is June 12-16th.

6. Please remember to register your child if going into Kindergarten. This is very important as if everyone is registered and numbers increase a lot, we could potentially get a new classroom. If this happens, student class placements change and this is far easier for families/students if it is done before they settle into a classroom. Please remember, this sometimes happens in other grades as well as nothing is ever finalized until the end of September or mid October.


1. International and Indigenous Languages Program registration opens August 8, 2023 for the 2023/24 season
Visit or if interested.

2. Here is a link to the school’s Jump Rope for Heart fundraising page where you, the parents/guardians of students, can go and click on a link to register your child/children., if you have not already done so. Already, $1870 has been raised for this great cause.

3. There is a Board Special Budget Meeting that may be open to viewing as there is a live stream link. This is on Wednesday June 7th from 7 to 9 pm. Here is the link:

Quote of the Week:
“As your child grows, they may forget what you said but [they] won’t forget how you made them feel.” (Kevin Heath)