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We are over halfway this school year and some students at Franklin wanted to share their experiences so far this year. Over the week, you will see a few blog posts written by students, talking about class experiences, school activities and curriculum highlights.  Each section has been written from the perspective of a different student. Happy reading!

Classroom community

Have you ever gone snowshoeing? Well, I would recommend it for you especially if you have strong legs. Snowshoeing might look fun and it actually is but sometimes tiring. You should be very careful when you walk in them because they are long and you could trip in them any time if you aren’t careful. Snow shoes come in multiple shapes and sizes; some look like tennis rackets. While others look like beaver tails. In my opinion snowshoes are very fun and they make it easier to walk on the snow. *if you slide them on the snow* What do you think of snow shoes, do you think you will try them?

Curriculum Activities

One of those memorable things from grade 6 is my favorite project: passion projects. Passion projects are projects that you can pick your topics and do with a friend or by yourself. For your Passion projects, you need to pick a topic that you are passionate about like in the name. Passion projects will be the most memorable project in grade 6 for me because you do it twice a year and it’s worth a lot of marks for your report card like almost every mark in language and French like oral marks, listening marks, and reading marks. It will also be the most unique project of grade 6 because you put a lot of effort and time like 20 hours into the project plus you can do whatever you want that’s why it’s one of the most creative projects I have done. My experience with passion projects is that my topic was Rubik’s cubes and I partnered with one of my classmates. When people were presenting some of the presentations were longer, some were shorter but I took notes so I could fill out the reflection we have to do every day. Passion projects will be the project I will remember when I go to Stanley park next year.

Franklin activities

On January 31st, we went to an assembly about Mr. Hansen because he was retiring. The assembly was really sad but also it was fun to sing along and say our final goodbyes. Saying goodbye is not always easy. I will be talking about all the memories we shared during the assembly. First off, the assembly started with us watching a video of people in the school that said goodbye to Mr. Hansen. Then, we sang a song and the song was okay but I barely knew the lyrics because I wasn’t here for the practices. It was saying goodbye and it was really sad. Some teachers even cried. Saying goodbye to someone can be really hard even if we only knew them for a bit more than a year, and especially if that helped you or you were good friends.

Stay tuned for more posts in the coming days!

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