Franklin activities

Once every three to four weeks I go to the announcements room during the first half of the nutrition break and at 11:30, my announcements crew does the announcements. I think we’ve done a great job during announcements this term. The max people we’ve had in the announcements room during our week has been around eleven or twelve people. There’s French and English during announcements.

Intramurals is when you stay in to do a sport/game in the gym. There are many times where it was fun but I’m going to be talking about the two most fun times in intramurals. There was one time when we played arena soccer, we had so few people some of us got to stay on the whole time. At that time I was playing goalie. I only let in about 2-3 goals. I was the goalie for my team. My team played really well and it was very fun. The other time was when we were playing bench ball. We had just won a game and setting up for another game when suddenly the lights went out. People were laughing, some people were screaming and others were throwing dodgeballs. I was trying to find my friends in the dark. Eventually I found them and we just stood there waiting for the lights to turn back on. After about 3-5 minutes the lights finally turned back on. Nobody knew why they turned off in the first place. It was pretty fun when the lights went out.

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