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Classroom community

If you’ve ever seen our English classroom you could see all of the many, many gnomes hanging around. And at the start of the year we had only a few gnomes surrounding our classroom, but overtime our little family of gnomes became an awesome garden of them. Sure it’s not full of every single gnome in existence but it’s full of awesome gnomes! ( And for most people a classroom doesn’t really seem like a garden and I’d agree, but to be real with you and if you haven’t figured this out yet the classroom isn’t a garden.) There are so many different gnomes inside our classroom. But what different types of gnomes are in the classroom? Like are there paper gnomes, cardboard gnomes or different gnomes? Well I’m just going to answer that for you. The answer is…  (drumroll please) We have a variety of different gnomes! We have stuffed gnomes, paper gnomes and more! The gnomes are scattered around the classroom for all to see. All of them are different, just like people! They have different colors, shapes and sizes. And our garden of gnomes just keeps on growing!

Curriculum Activities

So far this year one of my favorite units has been Multiplication and division in math class . Multiplication and division has always been one of my favorite units in school because I am really smart and I know a lot about Multiplication and division. We need to know our times tables. I know all of them so I’m challenging myself to memorize 13,14 and 15 right off the bat. Multiplication and division are very important in life so it’s good to learn them now so it will be useful  later on in life. For me Multiplication and division are very fun to learn and do in class. If I could do Multiplication and division all year long I would do it 100% no matter what my parents say.

Franklin activities

The Terry Fox run was a super fun day for me. It was a great fundraiser. Our school raised lots of money. The Terry Fox run is something that happens every year but this year it was different. It just felt more fun and happy. I don’t even know how to explain it. It was overall just a great experience and an amazing day.

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