School Council meets in the school library once a month during the school year, generally on the second Wednesday, starting at 6:30 p.m.  At each meeting, School Council gets an update from the teachers and school administration on what is happening at the school, and provides advice on school operations. School Council can also organizes events and fund raisers for the school community. Please join us!

2018-2019 Franklin School Council Executive

Chair: Megan Dutra
Treasurer:  Robyn Harrison
Secretary: Hilary Toller
Past-Chair:  Gwen Lloyd

Voting Members are:
Diane Bowe
Kurt Rahnenfuchrer
Diana Mileva
Kim Case
Tatiana deSoto
Jatinder Chowdry
Megan Dutra
Hilary Toller
Robyn Harrison
Gwen Lloyd
Michael Bittle
Jacquelyn Watty
Kristin Binkley / Dallas Borris(Staff Reps)