Curriculum Activities

Another super awesome thing about our class is that we do these things called passion projects. You can make a project and research about it, and make a presentation. You can choose your own partner, and there is plenty of time for you to add as much as you can. Most of the research time, we go to the library which is great in the summer because it has air conditioning. The best part is that it can be about anything you’d like, even games and platforms. Once you and everyone else are done, you get to present. In my opinion, this is the best part. You get to see so many different presentations and learn so many things at once. I am always nervous when I go up, but in the end, trying your best is all that matters. I love the passion projects, and if you did them you would too.

The school gym is a highlight for me because there are lots of different units. In the gym, there are tons of units throughout the year, some last days, weeks, or even months. All the units in the gym are fun and valuable; they help your skills get better at whatever you are learning during your time in the gym.  The gym is also a highlight because of the games. All the games we would play in the gym are awesome. There are so many interesting games and even new games that I got to learn.  All the games we got to play were so amazing and made us active and everyone had fun.

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