Here are a few more posts for you to enjoy on the student’s experiences so far this year.

Classroom community

In our class we have donuts. They are our form of a class currency. They are little plastic donuts with numbers 1-20. When we are good we might get a couple donuts and once we get to 20 donuts then we get a party. Some of the parties that we get are like movie day, free time, potluck, and pj and stuffy day. We have a switch class that we switch with in the middle of the day and that class usually gets 20 donuts by the time that we have 20 so we usually share the party and have it in both classes!

Curriculum Activities

I love art. You get to draw lots of fun things like optical illusions and self portraits. My favourite projects that we did so far are probably the gnomes and animals with patterns in them. I loved to do the gnomes because they are so cute and you get to design them however you want. For example, on the wall, there is a pirate gnome, a big gnome and a little gnome. There are gnomes all over the place in the classroom, because we had to do it for our art class and our teacher mrs. borris loves gnomes; a lot. We have little stuffed gnomes all over the classroom. MY second favorite art project is the one with the animals and there are patterns in them. They like really cool hanging on the wall in the back of the classroom. The animal that I made was a rabbit. I chose a rabbit because it was the easiest to draw and it looked really cute. I would say that all the art projects that we did so far were pretty fun and exciting. I hope that we get to do more fun projects throughout the year of grade 6!

Franklin activities

I love sewing. I always thought that sewing would be easy. Uh, no. It is not easy whatsoever. But it is fun and it passes the time a lot faster. And there are two things I love about sewing. One, it passes the time, and two, I love creating things that may interest people. So when I heard about the sewing club at my school, I had to join. It was really fun. And in my opinion, it is one of the best things to do. Also my friends are in it too, and I love spending time with them. They’re like a second family. Anyway, I have learned four stitches, one, the common stitch where you start at the back and go up and down like the wave. Two, the back stitch where you do your normal stitch, and then you go backwards and farther away from the end of the stitch you made, and then you connect them at the back and you repeat. The third stitch that I made is the whip stitch, where you go at the edge of the fabric, and you start on the inside of the fabric and you make a spring like stitch and MAKE SURE, you make the stitch on the outside of the fabric once you are done with the first stitch. The fourth and final stitch is the cross stitch. Basically you make an X. So you start at the back of the fabric, you make a line at the front that is slightly sideways, you go under the fabric again, you go at the bottom of the stitch you made across, and you make an X. (I did not explain that very well)And repeat. Definitely one of the best times ever.

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