Franklin is a wonderful school, with great staff, students and families! Students at Franklin have an opportunity to grow physically, emotionally and academically where the school (students and staff) and families strive to work together to help ensure the success of each individual child. Diversity is valued and encouraged.
Franklin has one major rule at the school – respect for self, others and the environment. Being respectful to others encourages appropriate student behaviour in addition to communication, collaboration and problem solving; being respectful to oneself, encourages good decision making; while respect for the environment, encourages care of school supplies, equipment, personal belongings and school grounds.

The educators at Franklin are constantly reviewing learning needs and considering ways to improve learning outcomes. Continually improving student achievement by building a common understanding of learning goals and success criteria is a continual focus. We continue to help students develop their problem solving skills and  better equip students to deal with the learning challenges of future years.