Our fall fundraiser, QSP magazine drive raised approx $1200.

If you have any questions or would like to send suggestions for fundraiser ideas or enhancements you believe we should fundraiser for please email us at franklinschoolcouncil@gmail.com, we would love to hear from you.

Franklin Public School Fundraising details for March 2019



– Short term volunteer opportunity
Jacqueline Watty is seeking help on the Greening Committee (aka coordination of mulching for school property) for Spring.
Specifically, coordinating with two main teachers via email/phone to have their classes distribute the mulch – they do most of the scheduling.
Mulch will be ordered and there will be opportunities to participate in whatever mulch the students/school cant complete.
We take pride in our school, so we are hoping to have some extra hands on the committee. Once the mulch is complete, the volunteering is over.
– Long term volunteer opportunity
We are looking for a few parents to volunteer to help with the up keep of the grounds.  Most of the garden areas were put in by fundraising money and is not the responsibility of the school board to upkeep.   There has been a fantastic Franklin family taking care of these gardens for years.  It is time for them to step down.  We are also looking into running a fundraiser next year, strictly to raise money for the up-keeping of the gardens, more to come on that next year.
Thanks so much for your consideration.
Please contact: jlyn_roberts@yahoo.ca to learn more or help out.