Here is our final posts about showing kindness and being a good friend!

1. Need a friend?

All alone and need a friend? Maybe this will help!

This is a story about two good friends. One day there was a boy named Blake. Now Blake wanted a friend. He had no such luck. So he went and sat on a bench. Then a boy named Jace came and started talking to Blake. It turns out that they liked the same things. In ten minutes they were friends.

Moral of the story: who knows what will happen? (Winston, Grade 4)


2. BFF (being friendly forever)

Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible. Being kind is super important. You should always be kind to your friends and family. Kindness is a way to show being nice. Friends are one of the most important things. All you need is one good friend to open up to and talk about things that you can’t say to anyone else. Your family is like your friend. You can also talk to them and they listen whether it’s a sibling or a parent.

Hi I am a grade 5 student  and I’m going to tell you about kindness. I myself have a best friend. It’s so nice to have someone to open up to and to talk about things that I never talk about to anyone else.

You can be a kind friend by telling funny jokes like… (why did the horses cross the road? To get to the naaaaabers… get it because the horse goes naaa ) ha ha ha. It’s really good to tell them a joke to make them laugh and smile which is always a good thing to do. You can also do that to make them happy and cheer up. Another thing you can do to make your friend happy is to compliment them like oh I love that shirt or your hair looks pretty today.  Compliments make them feel good about themselves and can sometimes be the biggest thing. 

Thank you for reading about kindness. It’s a really  important  thing in our lives. Have you ever shown kindness to your friend? If not then that’s a good goal for you. That’s showing kindness to your friend and showing that you’re kind and nice. (Grade 5)


3. Kindness

Hi, this is my blog about kindness because it makes almost everyone happy. Random acts of kindness time!!!!!! Hold the door for someone or give someone a compliment or you could help someone if they need or are hurt .All of this is being kind. You should be kind to everyone even if they have been rude to you. You should also be kind every second of every day because if you are kind they might be kind to you and so will others. More kind stuff to do!!!!! Be someone’s partner if they have no partner. That’s all for today, have an amazing day! (Grade 5)


4. The Queen Blog

Heyy queenies welcome back to a new queen blog today we will be talking about kindness and what it means to you ! So I guess today’s question is what is kindness to you ? Well to me, kindness means helping others , complimenting others, asking , and hyping others up because if you hype others up you are a queen purr. You need others to be able to be them around you so they actually pop off ! never ever judge people because if you judge then you aint no queen ! cause if you’re  kind then you are a definite queen. (Grade 6)

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