(Blog Post) Final highlights

Franklin activities Once every three to four weeks I go to the announcements room during the first half of the nutrition break and at 11:30, my announcements crew does the announcements. I think we’ve done a great job during announcements this term. The max people we’ve had in the announcements room during our week has […]

(Blog Post) School highlights continued

Curriculum Activities Another super awesome thing about our class is that we do these things called passion projects. You can make a project and research about it, and make a presentation. You can choose your own partner, and there is plenty of time for you to add as much as you can. Most of the […]

(Blog Post) Student Experiences Part 3

Some more posts for your reading enjoyment! Classroom community If you’ve ever seen our English classroom you could see all of the many, many gnomes hanging around. And at the start of the year we had only a few gnomes surrounding our classroom, but overtime our little family of gnomes became an awesome garden of […]

(Blog Post) Student Experiences Part 2

Here are a few more posts for you to enjoy on the student’s experiences so far this year. Classroom community In our class we have donuts. They are our form of a class currency. They are little plastic donuts with numbers 1-20. When we are good we might get a couple donuts and once we […]

(Blog Post) Student Experiences and Highlights this year!

Hello Franklin families! We are over halfway this school year and some students at Franklin wanted to share their experiences so far this year. Over the week, you will see a few blog posts written by students, talking about class experiences, school activities and curriculum highlights.  Each section has been written from the perspective of […]

Poetry: Day 3

Please enjoy some of our Junior students’ poetry!   Couplet Poem – The Fish There was a fish in a stream, Then the fish started to dream. He dreamed of a frog, That frog is on a log. He heard a loud sound, So he woke up and looked around. The fish saw a cat, […]

Poetry: Day 2

Please enjoy some of our Junior students’ poetry!   Couplet Poem – The Fish’s Special Dish There once was a fish, He had a special dish. The dish had powers, the dish shoutout flowers. The flowers would make him glow, It made a good show. – Thealyn, Grade 4   Acrostic Poem – Hockey H-happy […]

Poetry: Day 1

Please enjoy some of our Junior students’ poetry!   Couplet Poem – Teachers Sometimes teachers are nice, sometimes teachers are mean, Sometimes they are crazy, and sometimes they are a dream. Sometimes they help me play basketball, Sometimes I slip and fall. My teacher helps me learn math, and I can run really fast – […]

All About Kindness #7!

Here is our final posts about showing kindness and being a good friend! 1. Need a friend? All alone and need a friend? Maybe this will help! This is a story about two good friends. One day there was a boy named Blake. Now Blake wanted a friend. He had no such luck. So he […]

All About Kindness #6!

Here are some more great tips on being a good friend! 1. How to be a kind friend! Here is how to be a kind friend. Never bully someone. Help when someone is hurt. Don’t judge someone on how they look. Be kind to everyone. Never ever be mean to anyone and also never hurt […]

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