Please enjoy some of our Junior students’ poetry!


Couplet Poem – The Fish’s Special Dish

There once was a fish,
He had a special dish.
The dish had powers,
the dish shoutout flowers.
The flowers would make him glow,
It made a good show.

– Thealyn, Grade 4


Acrostic Poem – Hockey

H-happy is hockey
O-outisde on a river
C-Chloe and Thealyn’s bestie sport
K-knowing how to skate takes practice
E-eyes on the puck
Y-you are yourself in hockey

-Thealyn, Grade 4


Couplet Poem – Earth Day

We love our Earth, we are destroying it,
But we take good care of it a bit.
Once a year we clean up some trash,
Then we have a really big bash!
Our climate change goes up every year,
Soon we won’t see any more polar bears!
The arctic snow is melting,
coral reefs dying, nobody is helping!
So let’s keep our oceans alive,
Now we are going to survive!

-Alexa, Grade 4


Limerick – Cherry Blossom Petals

Cherry blossom petals blooming in the spring,
Falling down with the birds singing.
The water shines near the tree,
Where the humming birds sing with the bees.
Where the birds flap their wings.

-Alexa, Grade 4


Couplet Poem – The Lovely Garden

Oh that beautiful look,
While i’m reading a wonderful book.
The flowers filled with colour,
While my pencil gets duller.
Look at that pretty green grass,
When the musical band plays the brass.

-Manan, Grade 4


Haiku – The Yummy Pizza

It tastes so yummy
All those toppings make me full
It makes me want to cry

-Manan, Grade 4

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