Please enjoy some of our Junior students’ poetry!


Couplet Poem – The Fish

There was a fish in a stream,
Then the fish started to dream.
He dreamed of a frog,
That frog is on a log.
He heard a loud sound,
So he woke up and looked around.
The fish saw a cat,
The cat has a hat!
The cat made a wish,
Then ate the fish.

– Olivia, Grade 4


Couplet Poem – Dope

My friend’s eraser is dope,
he uses it like a pope.
He got it for ten,
His middle name is Ben.
He wears blue to match,
He named his eraser patch.
He ran to the cannon in an jiffy
He jumped off a cliff that he named cliffy.

-Ayan, Grade 4


Acrostic – Daniel

D-dancing to Bruno Mars
A-always making people laugh
N-never gives up
I-into video games
E-eating pizza
L-loves family and friends

-Daniel, Grade 4


Couplet Poem -The Lazy Llama

There once was a lazy llama,
The lazy llama made up so much drama.
The llama went to the park,
He saw a shark.
Then he saw a plant,
That liked to chant.

-Chloe, Grade 4

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