Here are some more great tips on being a good friend!

1. How to be a kind friend!

Here is how to be a kind friend. Never bully someone. Help when someone is hurt. Don’t judge someone on how they look. Be kind to everyone. Never ever be mean to anyone and also never hurt someone. (like hitting or hurting feelings) And always be kind no matter what. In my blog i’ll tell you how to be a kind friend.

(friends casually talking) “hey Lia wanna play together?” “Sure Lilly,what should we play?” “I don’t know, do you have any ideas?” “hmm what about tag?” “ok Lia.” “Okay Lilly let’s go play.” “Ok, let’s go to the park and play.” (they go and ask their parents). 

“Lilly, I can go and play tag at the park!” “I can also go and play at the park!” “Wait Lilly, shouldn’t we ask Ava to go and play with us?” “yea let’s go.” (they go and ask ava, ava goes and asks her parents, her parents say yes) ”Yay Lia and Lilly i can go play with you guys!” (they go and play at the park) “i got you Lily you’re it.” “I got you Lia you’re it!” *1 hour later* “Guys, I think we should play something else.” “ok i am getting tired.” “Maybe we should go home because our parents are probably worried about us.” “good idea let’s play tomorrow.” *all say bye*

*the next day* “Hi Lilly and Ava, what should we do?” “hmm i don’t have any ideas Lilly,Ava do you have an idea?” “Well we could play hide and seek,or something else?” “Well hide and seek sounds like a nice idea,I mean we have no other ideas.” “Well then where should we play hide and seek,I mean the park doesn’t have many hiding spots.” “yea true what about we play at one of our houses.” “ok sure, but whos house,my parents would probably say no there to busy,not my house.” “Well since we can’t go to your house Lilly,my mom and dad would say no because we would probably mess up the place,like usual,what about your house ava?” “sure i mean my parents wouldn’t mind.” *they ask their parents their parent’s say yes* “guys let’s go play!”

“Yayyyy” *they play for 2 hours* “guys i have to go home” “me too.” *they all say bye, also the end* Thank you for reading. Do you have a kind friend?Do you have any other ways to be a kind friend? (Pretty, Grade 4)


2. Being a good friend

To be a good friend,You always help them out when they need it.Have a secret handshake,if you want to.To be a good friend play with them out-side,at a play-date or any time really.Another thing is to not betray them! To be a good friend, be kind to them.Always have fun together,and do lots of things with each-other but not everything,Be partners,if you are already a good friend,You can be a BFF ,if you don’t know what it means,it stands for best friend forever! What do you think about my paragraph on how to be a good friend? Do you want more of how to be a good friend? Thank you for reading my paragraph! (Grade 3)


3. Being a kind friend

You can be a kind friend by helping them with something or by playing with them when they’re bored.You can play video games with a friend,you can play minecraft or other fun or good video games.You can help someone by holding the door for them or helping them carry something.One of the best thing to help someone is by doing them a favor because you can help them with anything that is what a favor can also make a deal because if your working together you can also help each other if you don’t know something. (Vlad, Grade 4)


4. Kindness

What’s your favorite way to be KIND and NICE? What things do you want to reflect on this year and this month? Kindness is good because you can make everybody’s day even random people on the street, outside and more like once i made my friends laugh and they make me laugh to everybody laughs because of KINDNESS and more. The people that make me laugh are my friends, brothers, my mom, my dad, family friends, cousins and random people to some people are not nice because they go through stuff maybe a bad time but we can help them to tell them we are here for them because of KINDNESS. (Artin, Grade 6)


5. How Much Kindness Actually Means

How to be a kind friend #How to be a kind friend  # How to compliment # Kind things to do

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind” Hi, my name is Daley! On this blog I focus on different ways to be kind and how to show kindness to others. 

Has your teacher ever asked you to show kindness to others but, how exactly do you do that? Well I’ve come up with a few that are sooo simple but yet make somebody’s day a hundred times better. The first one is probably the easiest and it is to compliment. For example, say you like somebody’s shoes then all you have to do is say “ I really like your shoes” . Another way to show kindness is to listen to them instead of talking about yourself all the time. A really good one to do if they are either sad or a little down is to hug them. But only do this with their permission otherwise it’ll just be awkward. Fourthly, you just have to be nice and joke around and make them laugh. That one works great if they need a little cheer up. Fifthly, always include them in games and conversations.You never want them to think they aren’t welcome or unwanted. Finally, you have to respect their opinion. Even if you think their thought is wrong or totally bizarre you still have to respect it. In conclusion, I think if you follow all of these you are almost considered as a kind friend. You may even make a new friend just from being a kind friend.

Thank you for taking some of your precious time to read and learn about me and how to be a kind friend. Also please comment if you used one of these strategies and what the outcome of it was? (Grade 6)


6. Kindness Rules

How do you show kindness to your friends? I feel good when my friends show kindness to me. I show kindness to my friends by helping,respecting their choices, cheering them up, giving them compliments, supporting them and not yelling. I wonder how my friends feel when I am kind to them. How do you feel when your friends are kind to you and when you are kind to your friends how do you think they feel? (Ethan, Grade 5)


7. Kindness

Kindness is free which means you can give it to any one in unlimited amounts. Kindness can make someone’s day even if tiny amounts make them happy. If someones having a ruff day make sure to be extra kind to them. Kindness is an amazing thing that can make anybody feel good. If you are kind to someone they most likely will be nice to you if your mean then they will not be kind to you. If everyone was nice in this world then it would be a better place. That’s why everyone should be kind (Lou, Grade 5)


8. Carry On The Kindness

Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give. Kindness costs nothing but means everything. But lately I had a question on my mind, what is kindness? Kindness… hmm so simple yet so complicated.. So I will ask this again, WHAT IS KINDNESS. Well me Itś the QuEsTiOn of the day.!!? Huh-What?? So…so ya. SOOOOOO LET’S TALK ABOUT THIS QUESTION!!!! So positivity huh? So just start with being positive! Being positive is indeed being kind. How do I know this? I JUST DO OK!!! So if you want to be kInD you should start with being positive! It can be AS simple as never giving up or saying nice things to people around you! As you’re doing these things you’re also being kind to yourself. You know what, being kind can also be keeping other people safe, there’s even jobs that will do that for a living, they’re the first responders!  But how do us civilians keep eachother safe? Well you can see if anyones hurt and if they are you can go to an adult. You know there’s different ways of being kind, and you the reader are being kind by reading this But I do have a question! What does being kind mean to you? (Amelia, Grade 5)


9. Friendly Friends

It takes kindness to be a good friend. Be kind forever. This blog is about being a kind friend.

What friendship means to me. Friendship is something everyone needs.Being yourself , being yourself is a big part of being a friend, then you can see your interest. If your friend has a different opinion , you can just say your opinion in a nice way instead of being mean. Trust and understanding is also a big part of being a kind friend. Understanding, you do not have to agree to be understanding, understanding is listening. Making them happy and laugh is also a part of being a kind friend. Helping them if they are hurt or sad. Saying nice things to them.

Thank you for reading about my being a kind friend. These are only some ways to be a kind friend. How are you being a kind friend? (Grade 5)



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