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1. How to be the best friend! 

Hi my name is Matias and today I am going to talk about how to be a good friend but first how do you think you can be a good friend? 1. Compliment him or her make them feel welcome. 2.If they are worried, comfort them and tell them that everything is going to be okay. 3. Play with your friends. 4.Include them in your games. 5. Talk with them start a conversation. 6. modivate your friends lift their spirits. thanks for giving me a little bit of your time. (Matias, Grade 4)


2. How to be a good friend

Hey it’s Oliver and today I will tell you how to be a good friend. I hope it helps!

To be a good friend you can help if your friend is hurt. For example if your friend trips on a stick you can make sure they’re ok. You can be a good friend by helping them clean up a mess. For example if they spill their water you can help them clean up. To be a cool, nice and a good friend you can be kind and say nice things and give them compliments. You can be a good friend by letting them have a turn. For example if you’re playing a videogame you should let them play too. There is so much more to be a good friend so be nice and be a good friend bye and thanks for reading my blog! (Oliver, Grade 4)

3. How to be a good friend!

Do you know how to be a kind friend? This can be a hard question to answer but it’s good to know. Do you want to hear a joke? Do you know what a snake’s favorite subject is? Hiss-tory! Keep reading to find out another joke.

Here is a story I wrote to show how you can be a good friend: I have a friend named Gabelina and she is a pig. We go to Farm school together, while at school Gabelina dropped her pencil and I dove down to get it for her even though she was too. I apologized, it’s not hard to be a good friend, there are many ways.

Sometimes one of your friends will need space, they need space and sometimes they will need you to comfort them if something happens. But if they do need space it is probably something personal and you should not bug them to tell you what it is, still always make sure they’re okay. Another way is to help your friend in any way. Here are some ways. 1. If your friend needs help on work and you happen to be done, help them! 2. You’re playing outside and your friend needs help up, help them! 3. If you and your friend finish your work at school early and they don’t know what to do, help them! There are many other ways to be kind and good friend. (Olivia, Grade 4) 


4. Kindness is the best!

Kindness = Kindness

If you want to read this blog cool but if not you will not learn about kindness therefore you are not kind.

Just kidding but if you are purposely not kind don’t do that because that hurts people’s feelings. Would you want someone to come up to you and say you’re fat or you’re ugly no I thought so, so don’t be mean. Everyone is kind sometimes, for example if you help your friend when they are crying. If you need help just ask one of your friends if you don’t have any, ask an adult.

Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day! Oh and I almost forgot BE KIND! (Asher, Grade 5)


5. Kindness is Awesome!

Have you ever been kind to someone? Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a life. Being kind is not just buying things for other people. You won’t believe this but being kind is free! Being kind is the best thing that can happen to you. Kindness is free, fun, cool and awesome. The best time to show kindness is during valentines day because it’s the day that you show kindness the most. Valentine’s day is about love and kindness and being with your family. You don’t only have to show kindness on valentine’s day you can show kindness every day.

Thank you for reading my blog about kindness and I hope you learned a thing or on valentines day and do something kind for your parents. (Marcus, Grade 5)


6. Potatoes are kind!

Kindness is free to give but priceless to receive. Kindness can be done and received by anyone. When you’re kind it can put a smile on someone’s face or even make their day. Keep reading to know more about it!

Kindness is super important and awesome! Kindness  can be a small gesture or even just a nice smile. Being kind to someone can have a big impact on their day. Bullying is the opposite of kindness. It is very rude and disencouraging. When you’re being kind it can go both ways. Here is an example of being kind. If your friend forgot their umbrella on a rainy day you could share your umbrella so they wouldn’t get wet. Another example is being kind to your teacher and being respectful.  Lots of people are going through a hard time because of covid or other reasons, they could be struggling from depression or anxiety. If you’re kind to them it would let them know that someone cares about them. Thanks for reading! What have you learned about kindness? Have a good day! (Olivia, Grade 5)


7. Kindness Matters!

#Kind #No Hate #Stop Racit

The reason we all have to be kind is because then you feel good about yourself. Do you know the saying that sharing is caring? It’s true! Try it! If we all help we can make the world a better place. Respect others if they’re having a bad day or try to cheer them up and listen to their ideas. 

By the way if you’re nice to someone they will be nice back. There are also many Canadians with black skin, but still are treated badly. Be the best you you can be then other people will be the best them they can be. Be a role model to younger kids. Remember if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything.

Always remember kindness matters and be the best person you can be! (Declan, Grade 5)


8. Kindness

  Ever need some tips on how to be an extra kind friend? Well you have come to the right place, because I have all the tips and tricks on that exact thing. Read further for the ways to show your friends that you care about them.

  The first thing you’ll want to start out with is to give compliments when you see them. For example “Your hair looks great today!” or “Great job on _____!”. Remember to smile as well, it can brighten anyone’s day! You should also give them lots of hugs because that will make them smile back at you. Always support them through thick and thin, they might need it extra at times, but it’s still meaningful and nice to have their backs through the little things as well. Sticking with people is important in any relationships but especially for good friendships. Another thing I personally like to do is bake or cook for my friends and family. This might not be for everyone though so maybe pick up a extra box of cookies for a friend next time you go to the store. One last big thing is to always share and be kind to everyone no matter what. Those are all the tips I have today but I hope you enjoyed.

   Thank you so much for reading this post about how to be kind. Please like this and use these tips to make someone smile today. If you want to, think up some more great ways to treat people the right way. (Grade 6)


9. Friend Stuff

This blog is about friend stuff and my personal opinion. Some people think having friends is easy but it’s not really that easy. To be a nice or kind person you should treat people how they would like to be treated. If you are mean, rude or an insulting person, others may not want to be your friend / friends. But, at the same time it can be really hard to be nice to everyone, you have to try really hard to be positive the majority of the time, except for at home with siblings. The people who have a lot are going to get into fights about opinions and other stuff. Like if you stole something or said something that offended somebody. If you’re one of those people that doesn’t have that many friends (like me) then you probably did something wrong or you’re anti-social. Or maybe you are a bully that only has other bullies as friends. It’s sometimes really hard to be a nice, kind and positive person but you kind of still have to try. In MY opinion sometimes friends are overrated. (Paige, Grade 6)

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